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The coaching process is not about what I do, but about what we do together to help you set and achieve your personal goals. As someone who has experienced the uncertainty of living in a country that is not their own, I specialize in helping globally-minded people who are dealing with issues unique to them.
According to ICF (https://coachingfederation.org/about), coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. The process of coaching often unlocks previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership.
We all have goals we want to reach, challenges we’re striving to overcome, and times when we feel stuck. Partnering with a coach can change your life, setting you on a path to greater personal and professional fulfillment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching is…

…about you. As the expert on your own life, it’s about your what you know, what you have learned, and the goals you want to reach.

…about what you can learn, not what I can teach. I come alongside to assist you as you discover what you already know as the expert for your own life. 

…about taking action. Through regular sessions, you will decide on one to three concrete action steps to take before the next session. These action steps will move you towards the goal(s) you have set.

…about your whole life. As they say, old habits – and the thoughts connected to them – die hard. Having a coach guide you through the process will help you recognize those habits and thoughts and give you encouragement as you change and move forward.*

Coaching is not…

…therapy or counseling. Therapy/counseling has a focus on your past and the present, while coaching looks towards the future though action steps you determine.

…mentoring. A mentor brings experience to the table with the goal of passing on their expertise. While they may use some of the same techniques as coaches, they act as a teacher for their knowledge. A coach taps into your own knowledge and experience and lets you take the lead in setting goals.

…training. Like mentors, a trainer sets the goals and the program to be followed in order to effect change. Coaching encourages change through your own self discovery.*

Your coach will:

… listen to your story

…ask questions to get you to think and be creative

…encourage your vision and your efforts toward your goals

…facilitate as you tap into your learning and experiences to see how you can move forward. You continue to set your own agenda and work towards your own goals.*

You might use a coach when you are in the midst of a significant transition or change that brings uncertainty. You can use a coach to help you make decisions when you are uncertain. You could use a coach to help you set concrete goals and determine the steps you need to take reach those goals.
There are many more reasons you might want to use a coach. Set up a free introductory consultation to learn more ways I can help you as a coach.*

I am willing to coach anyone who has goals and are willing and able to put effort into making progress!
While my experience in both my personal and professional life has uniquely equipped me for working with those who will be, are, and have previously lived cross-culturally, the nature of coaching allows me to coach almost anyone through almost any situation they want to make progress in.

*Information noted above is gleaned from: Webb, Keith E. Coaching Mastery Certificate Program, v. 2.7, January 2020.

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