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TCK Caregivers

I had pushed myself to the end. I had hit the proverbial wall. I may have only made it up one third of the mountain, but trying to keep up with a college athlete and three marathon runners had brought me to the point of giving up. I didn’t even have the energy to speak.

I had heard about the beauty awaiting me at the summit. I had begun the hike with energy and excitement. I really wanted to get there but trying to keep up with hose who were better equipped than I was brought me to the end of my rope. 

I found a rock to sit on. I decided to stay there until the group came back down, but Bob didn’t want to leave me alone. He sat and talked to me until I had the energy to speak again. He then gently asked if I wanted to begin climbing again. This time, instead of trying to match the fast pace of the others, we moved forward and upward at a speed I was comfortable with.

Sometimes when we start on a new journey, we see those who have more resources, more experience, more people, more time. We get discouraged when we can’t keep up. We find a spot to sit on the side of the path wondering if we made a mistake starting on the trail. We feel alone and inadequate, seeing others move forward with apparent ease.

But – you don’t have to go alone. As a coach with more than 13 years experience in the TCK care world, I would love to journey with you. I can help you take one step at a time. I can support you as you figure out the next move God is asking you to make. I will cheer for you as you reach the mountaintop.

Contact me so we can discuss the possibility of me walking alongside you as you start on this journey of caring for TCKs. We need you in this work. Please don’t give up!

TCK Caregivers Package

Your TCK Caregiver Coaching Package includes 2 coaching sessions per month for 3 months for a total of 6 sessions.

If paid from a work/ministry account:
$300 per month or $700 if paid in full at the beginning (discount of $200)

If paid out of your own support/salary, you get a 50% discount ($150 per month or $350 if paid in full at the beginning)

All coaching charges are in USD and are charged through PayPal via credit card. If you would need to pay in another currency or would like to make a payment in a form other than credit card, please contact me.

To schedule a free introductory consultation call, please complete the TCK Caregivers Intake Questionnaire button below to help me prepare for our phone call. (This link will take you to an external secure website where you will be able to complete the questionnaire and I will be the only one with access to your information.)