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Globally Mobile Families

I was frozen in fear; a prisoner of the unknown.

I had stepped out in courage and moved to the other side of the world. It was an exciting adventure – until it wasn’t. Then I was left wondering how steep the penalty would be to change my ticket and return home immediately.

How could I get around when I didn’t speak the language? What if I made a mistake and ended up in trouble with the law? What if the group hanging around outside our building wasn’t as innocent as I had tried to convince myself? These were just a few of my thoughts holding me paralyzed

Than I got to know Jessica. She had only been there a few months and went everywhere on her own. She made mistakes and came away wiser, but otherwise unscathed. She went shopping in the market alone. The other thing she did?

She brought me hope! Hope that I didn’t have to be a prisoner in my own apartment. Hope that I could make friends. Hope that I could communicate without the ability to converse in the local language.

Have you made the mover overseas? Are you a prisoner of your own unknowns? Do you struggle with how to lead your family through this new landscape when you don’t even know the way yourself? Do you long to have even a taste of the independence you had before you moved?

Let me offer you what Jessica brought me. Hope. You have knowledge you don’t know you have. You have abilities honed in your past you can use in your new world. You have access to resources you may not yet see. You are not alone!

As your coach, I can help you utilize the knowledge, skills, and resources you already possess to navigate your new reality. I can walk you through setting small, manageable action steps that will allow you to move forward and begin enjoying the adventure once more – or maybe for the first time!

Contact me to start discovering how I can coach you through this new season of your life. I would love to be on the sidelines cheering you on as you rediscover the joy in this adventure we call expat life!

Globally Mobile Family Package

Your Globally Mobile Family Coaching Package includes 2 coaching sessions per month for 6 months for a total of 12 sessions.

Price if paid through your employer: $600 per month or $3000 if paid in full at the beginning (discount of $600, or 1 free month)

Price if paid out of your own salary: 50% discount ($300 per month or $1500 if paid in full at the beginning)

All coaching charges are in USD and are charged through PayPal via credit card. If you would need to pay in another currency or would like to make a payment in a form other than credit card, please contact me.

To schedule a free introductory consultation call, please complete the Globally Mobile Families Intake Questionnaire button below to help me prepare for our phone call. (This link will take you to an external secure website where you will be able to complete the questionnaire and I will be the only one with access to your information.)